Fort Knox Storage of Lehi

Truck for a Buck

$1 moving truck

Take advantage of this great move-in special. To help you move in, Fort Knox Storage of Lehi will provide the use of our moving truck for a buck ($1) when you rent one of our storage units.

This is just one more way of saying how much we value your business and want you as our guest. Talk to one of our friendly staff members for full details.

Some restrictions apply, so stop by or call for details!

Self Storage

It is hard to believe how much of our lives become stacked up in a closet or garage. Photographs and Memories that you never want to let go. We began Fort Knox Storage of Lehi with the idea that you should not have to throw away one single precious item.

Self-storage is probably the best thing for organization; you don't need to throw anything away, and can still keep an organized home. Don’t let that spare room that's now a clean and organized guest room, hobby room or home office become a repository for life’s hectic moments. The benefits of having extra space and room to be at ease in your own home are very valuable, and Fort Knox Storage of Lehi is here to help.

We Understand You

Our guests have chosen to store their biggest and most expensive vacation and weekend toys with us. Whatever your reason may be we are dedicated to making your storage experience a pleasant one. Come visit us. We're a clean and convenient facility.